Safe and effective for both children and adults, this dynamic first aid kit includes all natural products used for common scrapes, burns, cuts, headaches, bug bites, indigestion, rashes and more. This one of a kind dynamic all natural herbal first aid kit is perfect for those with sensitive skin or tummies, & every product in this first aid kit is multi-use. Kit includes:

Lavendar Essential Oil- Used topically for minor burns, acne, headaches, blemishes, stress, & insomnia. This oil is a mild antibacterial and can be used safely diluted for babies. 

Peppermint Essential Oil- Used for fevers, colds, cough, chest congestion sore muscles & muscle tension, headahces, indigestion, mild allergies and hay fever. Peppermint continues to be a star herb with its dynamic uses. 

Infection Formula (Extract)- Powerul immune stimulant Echinacea (Echinacea angustifolia) pairs with time tested olive leaf and plantain (Plantago major) herb to cleanse blood, stimulate t-fighter cell production, and fight acute infection from colds, flus, minor scrapes, and  acute reactions to bug and spider bites. 

Shock Formula (Extract): Lobelia and Cayenne create an unmatched duo for relieving minor circulatory and situational shock due to events out of our control. Unexpected injuries, accidents, and bad news can cause a temporary drop in circulation causing dizziness, confusion, & anxiety. Cayenne stabilizes internal blood pressure while lobelia soothes the nervous system to reduce shock. 

Natural Antiobiotic Ointment- Antimicrobial and soothing olive oil fuses with Tea Tree essential oil, mugwort, red clover, and plantain herb for an synergistic and effective topical antiobiotic ointment that moisturizes skin and kills harmful microbes 

Hiker's Companion Ointment- Pesky rashes from poison oak, ivy, and minor bug bites meet their match with this oinment rich in astringent herbs like black walnut hull that extract and neutralize toxins from plants and insect saliva, fused with soothing herbs containing cooling mucilage for stinging and burning make this perfect for hikers and adventurers. Used for minor rashes, bug bites, and skin irritations. 

Tummy Aid- Gentle and effective alcohol free extract is used for stomach cramps, gas, colic, indigestion, occasional constipation, and stomach tension. Safe for babies! 

Hema-Stop: 100% herbal powder used to stop bleeding for minor cuts and wounds from kitchen accidents or physical activity. Extremely effective. 100% effective in trial tests. 

Natural First Aid Kit

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    Kit Contains:


    Two 5 ml essential oils
    3 Organic Herbal  Extracts
    2  All Natural Herbal Ointment Blends
    1 Jar of Hema-Stop Herbal Powder 

    1 Eco Friendly Carrying Case