Fresh hydrated skin, strong nails, and glowing skin are now the new beauty. As we begin to remember beauty is cultivated from the inside out, herbs remind us of their uses in beauty while maintaining free of toxicity and major side effects. This kit is the full package to rediscover your natural beauty with no harsh chemicals or unknown ingredients. 

New Beauty HSN (Hair, Skin, Nails): A 100% herbal supplement blend of the best beauty herbs combined with nutritious foods to feed the skin, hair, and nails from the inside out. No fillers, 100% herbs, original formula. (60 vegetarian capsules) 

Skin Brushes: Achieve glowing skin while reducing blackheads and improving lymphatic drainage and flow by dry skin brushing. Skin brushing is important to stimulate new cell production, eliminate dead skin, dirt and excessive oils and promote collagen production.  Skin brushing brings fresh blood and nutrients to the brushed area improving overall appearance. (1 facial brush & 1 body brush)

Liquid Lavendar African Black Soap: Lye free, all natural soap is some of the most gentle soap ever created. Made in small batches by tribal women in Africa, this soap naturally exfoliates and pulls toxins from the skin and scalp without dryness. Soap is melted in purified RO water and pure lavendar essential oil is added to soothe sensitive skin. (16 oz) 


Probiotic Skin Mask: Minimize pores, reduce breakouts, and pull out excessive oils and blackheads with this probiotic skin mask. This probiotic skin mask helps to balance skin pH by re-establishing healthy skin flora. pH balanced skin and healthy skin flora begin to eliminate breeding grounds for bad bacteria, allowing the skin to heal itself and prevent future breakouts. (2 oz)

Rose Hip Facial Oil: Moisturizing and balancing jojoba seed oil finds clarifying rose hips and beautifying Ylang Ylang in this lightweight, acne clearing oil. Perfect for those with excessive oil or dry skin. Jojoba oil mimics natural sebum, reducing excessive oil production in the skin. Rose Hips are high in lutein, Vitamin C, and astringent properties giving it the ability to brighten skin, soften scars, and moisturize from the natural fats. Ylang Ylang naturally minimizes large pores and gives skin a healthy glow. (3 oz)

Sea Salt & Thyme Toner: Cystic acne caused by bacteria overgrowth are eliminated with this gentle Sea Salt & Thyme toner. Sea salt inhibits microbes production and gently disinfects the skin, while thyme acts as an antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and purifying partner with the salt. Thyme has a constituent "thymol" that has been seen to purify the cells and kill bacteria. (5 oz) 

Health: The New Beauty Kit

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