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    Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Deboneé and I am an alternative medicine consultant, certified Trauma & Ayurveda Informed Yoga Instuctor, and Raindrop Facilitator. My goal is to cause a positive ripple effect in how we show up for ourselves concerning our health. I help you use body awareness to truly focus on improving your health using the tools most nourishing to your unique path. These tools can be herbal supplementation, non-invasive herbal therapies, breath practices and yoga, or a series of Raindrop sessions. Maybe your unique path requires all three. No matter what you require physically, you always receive compassion from me. We work together to find out exactly the perfect tools to improve your health and wellness using safe, affordable, and time tested methods that have been in practice for hundreds of years by herbalists, yoga instructors, and body workers all over the world. 


      I personally had a history of having one or several of the following for more than half my life: asthma, allergies, frequent sinus infections, PCOS, cystic acne, hair fall out, and anemia. All of this was remedied or drastically reduced by incorporating alternative medicine, yoga, nutritional changes, and 100% therapeutic essential oils into my lifestyle. Now, I am here to help others who may have lost hope, simply need guidance and support, or those who simply want help finding safe alternatives to Western medicine and conventional pharmacuetical approaches that is safe and effective. Trust me, I have been lost and confused with my health at one point as well. It lead me here to help you so you are not lost.


      Now, I create unique herbal extracts, salves, and herbal formulas for a variety of effective alternatives to conventional medicine. I also create tonic herbal guides for those who simply need some direction. No yoga experience? No problem. I meet you exactly where you're at and we work together to reach your goals. Need a non-manipulative body work session that reduces nerve and back pain, and also provides emotional release? I can help take care of you. Let's work together here

      -Deboneé Bruce

Certified Nutritional Herbalist,  Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Raindrop Facilitator