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"I felt completely safe, relaxed, and at home..." -Kasey 

What is the Raindrop Technique?

"Deb's Raindrop was exactly what I needed after a long stressful week on my feet. Over an hour of amazing aromatherapy, light massage, and complete relaxation. I was comfortable with the process start to finish and feel like this is something I could do every week, as it as gentle as acupuncture but as effective as a deep tissue massage. I left feeling blissful and slept like a baby. Oh, I also grew half an inch by the time I left, so cool!" - Jenny Z., Los Angeles, CA  

"Raindrop with Deboneé was unlike any other healing experience I have had. She was professional, thorough, and had a lovely touch. She really took her time and I felt so cared for in her hands. The treatment itself was relaxing while also stimulating all the senses. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone looking to feel soothed and re-energized." - Javanne S., Los Angeles, CA 

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"Raindrop technique was new for me. The opportunity came to try a session and I quickly agreed. The combination of very soft, feather like strokes and beautiful essential oils set the stage for the most relaxing session. Deboneé created such a peaceful atmosphere that you are easily carried off into a blissful state and can just allow the body to melt into the table. I have had two sessions so far and I have seen my spine grow an inch! I would absolutely recommend this. It is such a unique experience, that can only be understood by trying it!!" -Daniella B, Los Angeles, CA 

"I experienced the RainDrop technique with Deboneé and I can not recommend her more. Her approach to healing is so special. I felt completely safe, relaxed, and at home with Deboneé. I was having some pretty bad back pain and felt so much relief after our session. I also grew over half an inch!!! Pretty amazing. The RainDrop technique with Deboneé helped me feel so much better physcially and emotionally. It is relaxing, healing, and great for everyone." - Kasey W., Los Angeles, CA

"Deboneé has been the only one able to calm my eczema when my skin became too senstive for regular eczema cream. The ointment she made for me literally stopped the itching and my skin went back to normal in a couple of days." - Florian L., Los Angeles, CA

"I was having some medical issues I did not understand. I am a truck driver, so just being able to go to the doctor anytime isn't realistic for me. Deboneé is very professional in what she does and makes you feel very comfortable talking about the disorders you are having. I'm so glad I consulted her. I'm doing much better. Thank you Deboneé, you are a true gem!" - Katina D., Raleigh, NC