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What are the benefits of detoxing?

        A herbal detox benefits the body by gently assisting in the natural daily elimination processes so we maintain our energy, mental clarity, and ability to manage stress.

        Daily, the body rids itself of millions of dead cells, cell waste, digestive waste, metabolic waste from the environmental pollutants, hormones, hormone byproducts, plus more in order to keep us in homeostasis.  

      However, before we contintue, let's be clear that is a detox is NOT a cure all, a weight loss plan, nor is it a "healthy" excuse to eat less than you need to be at your optimal state of being.

      A "herbal detox" typically refers to the use of naturally occuring herbs that have been historically used to cleanse and nourish our organ systems so they fuction optimally. Optimal elimination of daily waste shows itself in high energy levels, more balanced hormones, easy digestion, clear glowing skin, and proper ability to handle life's daily stresses.   


What makes your detox different than others on the market?

       The 30 DAY HERBAL DETOX by HD Wellness™ is has it's foundation based on a more cohesive blend of herbal formulas that encompasses the full aspect of synergistic herb blending and understanding of the bodily functions vs other generic brands that don't incorporate herbal balance and alchemy.   


      Creating safe and effective herbal blends is a form of alchemy, and here at HD Wellness, I take many aspects into account as I carefully curate my blends. As an experienced nutritional herbalist with over 6 years experience as a source of support and guide to nutritional cleansing, I've learned that herbs all carry elemental + planetary rulers such as Air, Earth, Water, Fire, Venus, Aries, etc + more. As complicated as this sounds, it's necessary to know the many different aspects of an herb to choose the best partners to assist it for the job at hand. For example: The exclusive Col-Aid™ formula not only focuses on relieving constipation with Cascara sagrada bark, but it balances the woody energy of the bark with the airy elements of fennel seed which reduce gas and bloating which is a byproduct of relieving constipation. Not only this, but Col-Aid™ also has herbs that simultaneously assist the liver, as the liver will be able to then throw off more toxins into the colon. See how it all works? This is why the 30 Day HERBAL DETOX from HD Wellness™ is exactly what you need if you experience bloating, brain fog, poor digestion, inability to cope with stress, and constipation.


     The entire program is cohesive and designed for maximum effectiveness so you actually release excessive waste giving you a better sense of confidence that glows from the inside out. Feeling sexy is feeling healthy about how you care for yourself. 

What can I expect doing this 30 day detox? 

           You can expect to discover more balanced digestion, ability to cope with stress, better elimination, more mental energy, and most importantly, your inner healing. This detox isn't just your typical cleanse, this detox incorporates mindful weekly yoga classes that you always have at your convenience, community support, self-discovery, equinimity, simple and healthful meal guidance, mindful tips to reduce stress, and weekly check-ins before we practice. 

          The yoga practices are designed for ALL levels of experience. You might be thinking "I can't do yoga....😩" . Great! I teach yoga to people who don't know yoga! As a certified Trauma Informed and Body Sense Yoga Instructor with over 500 hours experience in both public and private practice, I've got you covered. Yoga isn't always a physical asana, it is also mindfulness in our daily lives about our bodies, our breathing, our emotions, and the energy we carry. It's a practice of non-attachment, self-discovery and non-judgment as well. Yoga is truly a life changing practice in many ways if you truly dive deep into your practice. 

       A detox is not only physical, because we live in a world within the laws of duality. As within, so without. As above, so below. So, as you go through your detox, emotional and mentally supressed blockages will also be released through out your journey. This is very, very normal and is absolutely ok! We are human BEINGS, so allow your body to just simply be as it releases stuck energy throughout the process. The release can come by way of tears,  more sleep, deep cleansing sighs with the breath, body tremblings, discharge from the corners of the eyes as a symptom of unreleased tears, or even a runny nose. All of these are very normal side effects of the body detoxing. Of course, all experiences are different. Don't fret! You will be paired up with another soul also on this journey, so you can follow up with each other and have someone to relate to as we move through each phase of our detox, as well as the Facebook group. 

Our schedule + detox will include:

  • (1) 30 DAY HERBAL DETOX KIT (comes with 4 formulas)

  • Weekly Community Check Ins via Group Chat 

  • Live Online Yoga Classes
    (don't worry if you can't attend live! The classes are recorded so you can practice at your convenience!)

  • A support + accountability partner intuitively chosen for you

  • Facebook Support Group 

  • 4 simple, easy recipes meals 

  • General Weekly Menu Guide with meal ideas 

  • Meditations and Reflections 

  • Self-Discovery Journaling 



I'm ready! How do I join?

  • Start with scheduling a Discovery Chat with Deboneé or completing a Discovery Worksheet by filling out the contact form below to be sent the questionaire.
     (To ensure the space is properly held and you are supported, I am carefully selecting each      participant so we have a safe space to share  our experiences.  )

  • After your acceptance, return your signed privacy agreement and liability release

  • Choose your payment method + pay in full or ask about payment plans 

  • Receive your herbs + Join Facebook Support Group 

  • Receive Links to Live Chats + Yoga Classes 

  • Discover your support partners on June 25th at 6 pm PST.  

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