Meet Deboneé

Find your healthy to discover your happy using safe & effective alternatives. 

Hey there! Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Deboneé and I support and teach others in their individual journeys to rediscover and claim health. Each step towards better health is a step closer to happiness. Here, you are supported with nourishing herbal medicine on your health journey as you discover your inner doctor through your yoga practice. And oh yeah! You also have the option of incorporating therapeutic essential oils to maximize the effects of your efforts! Find your happy healthy place by exploring your options below


Discover your happy using....

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From sinus infections and sprained ankles all the way to dry skin, grab your herbal medicine alternatives here. Already have a diagnosis, but  Need a herbal guidance plan? I'm happy to help guide and support you. 

Join me at Yoga Nest Venice for a flow a

Discover your inner teacher with yoga asanas as I guide your body throughout your private practice. 

This could be you getting pampered 👆  C

Go on an odyssey while you absorb 100% pure essential oils into the spine neck and feet  using targeted effluerage and Vitaflex for spinal fluid detoxification. 

Connect with your internal healing mechanism as we co-create and discuss your options: from herbal regimens, trauma informed yoga, or simple nutritional guidance. 

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